Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Mortgage With Chris Marriner, Mortgage Broker

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Mortgage With Chris Marriner, Mortgage Broker

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1. I work for you, not the bank!  I work in your best interests to find you the lowest interest rate so you won’t feel ripped off, guaranteed.  AND I’ll find the type of mortgage that suits your unique needs instead of pushing you into something you may regret down the road.  I value your business.

2. I’m really good at my job and I’m not afraid to brag about it…  Check out my client testimonials on my Google Business page  No other Lethbridge Mortgage Broker has as many Five Star ratings as I do.  I value your business.

3. No appointment necessary!  You don’t have to take time off work to get a mortgage with me.  I will save you a ton of time because I do all the searching to find the best mortgage for you.  I can process your mortgage by phone, online, email, using the latest secure technology and even by magic.  AND I do mortgages across Canada so no matter where you live, I’m ready to serve.  I value your business.

4. Forget banker’s hours!  I work around your busy schedule so call me early in the morning, late at night or weekends & I’ll answer my phone.  I’ve been found guilty of working in my tent when camping or from the ski hill parking lot in my truck.  I value your business.

5. Go man go!  You can expect me to work your mortgage like it’s my last.  I’m fast, efficient & very organized so you don’t need to worry about your mortgage getting lost in a pile on someone’s desk.  AND the future is bright!  I don't have an assistant so you're guaranteed to always talk with me only.  I’m not going anywhere, I can’t be transferred or promoted so rest assured when you have questions or when your mortgage comes up for renewal, I’ll still be here ready to serve.  I value your business.

6. You won’t feel lost!  I promise to communicate with you & keep you updated & in the loop so you always know where you stand.  You won’t feel like a number, I promise.  I value your business.

7. Knowledge, experience & expertise!  I’ve been in the mortgage, lending, credit industry since 1993 so you can count on me for darn good advice.  I’ve dealt with clients from all walks of life & I’ve seen every kind of credit imaginable so believe me when I say I understand.  I value your business.

8. Confidentiality!  Your personal information is private, in fact all professionals are legally required to protect your personal information but are you certain they won’t spill the beans to their friends after a few glasses of wine?  Your business is private, period!  I value your business.

9. Smarty pants!  Never ending professional development & non stop training & a decent formal education & real world experience means I have a well rounded perspective in many areas of business.  With the highest designation available in the mortgage industry (AMPC = Accredited Mortgage Professionals Canada), you can count on me to know my stuff.  I value your business.

10. Flawed credit!  I’m here for you and it’ll be ok…  If I can’t get you a mortgage now you can count on me to coach you on a credit improvement program & count on me to check in on you to make sure you took my advice so your home ownership dreams don’t go down the drain.  I value your business.

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